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Signal interference mobile networks

Published on: Sep 12, 2013
Bureau Telecommunication and Post St. Maarten (BTP-SXM) is monitoring reports of signal interference to mobile networks on St. Maarten, possibly emanating from a mobile carrier in St. Kitts – the interference is causing dropped calls, and is also affecting quality of service on the voice and data network of at least one major mobile carrier – TelCell.
For two weeks in May this year, technical staff of BTP-SXM successfully measured and isolated signal interference to mobile networks on St. Maarten that originated from neighboring Anguilla. Following extensive scanning and a spectrum analysis on Dutch St. Maarten, BTP-SXM issued a new frequency range to mobile carrier TelCell, to alleviate the problem of signal interference to the company’s mobile network originating in Anguilla.

It has come to the attention of BTP-SXM that there is once again inference on the new frequency range issued to TelCell. Discussions with Technical staff of aforementioned carrier indicates signal problems are being experienced, especially in the Dawn Beach, Point Blanche and parts of Philipsburg, and that the source of this new interference could be signals originating in St. Kitts. BTP-SXM and its St. Kitts counterpart are working diligently at addressing these issues promptly.

BTP-SXM is presently conducting tests and measurements in the affected areas to determine the extent of the interference and will advise TelCell and other mobile carriers on St. Maarten accordingly. Meantime BTP-SXM will have discussions with its counterpart regulator in St. Kitts to find a permanent solution to these interference problems and will also notify mobile customers accordingly.