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St. Maarten is part of the NANP (North American Numbering Plan). People in the NANP countries can call each other using the same dialing scheme, without the need for dialing a country access code or any other special dialing patterns.

How To Dial
Calling Examples


How To Dial

St. Maarten dialing codes

Within NANP
Example 1, calling from St Maarten to Miami:
1 + 305 + xxx.xxxx
Example 2, calling from Miami to St Maarten:
1 + 721 + xxx.xxxx

International to St. Maarten
International not within NANP
Example, calling from The Netherlands to St Maarten:
00 + 1 + 721 + xxx.xxxx

St. Maarten to International
International not within NANP
Example, calling from St Maarten to Amsterdam:
011 + 31 + 20 + xxx.xxxx

Calling Examples

Calling NANP countries:
DIAL country code 1 + Area Code + 7 digit local number (xxx.xxxx)

Caribbean NANP Countries Area Code Calling Number Example
American Samoa 684 1-684-xxx.xxxx
Anguilla 264 1-264-xxx.xxxx
Antigua and Barbuda 268 1-268-xxx.xxxx
Bahamas 242 1-242-xxx.xxxx
Barbados 246 1-246-xxx.xxxx
Bermuda 441 1-441-xxx.xxxx
British Virgin Islands 284 1-284-xxx.xxxx
Cayman Islands 345 1-345-xxx.xxxx
Dominica 767 1-767-xxx.xxxx
Grenada 473 1-473-xxx.xxxx
Guam 671 1-671-xxx.xxxx
Jamaica 876 1-876-xxx.xxxx
Montserrat 664 1-664-xxx.xxxx
Northern Mariana Islands 670 1-670-xxx.xxxx
Saint Kitts and Nevis 869 1-869-xxx.xxxx
Saint Lucia 758 1-758-xxx.xxxx
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 784 1-784-xxx.xxxx
Sint Maarten 721 1-721-xxx.xxxx
Trinidad and Tobago 868 1-868-xxx.xxxx
Turks and Caicos Islands 649 1-649-xxx.xxxx
United States Virgin Islands 340 1-340-xxx.xxxx

Other NANP Countries Area Code Calling Number Example
Canada multiple area code 1-area code-xxx.xxxx
Dominican Republic multiple area code 1-area code-xxx.xxxx
Puerto Rico multiple area code 1-area code-xxx.xxxx
United States multiple area code 1-area code-xxx.xxxx

Calling countries outside the NANP:
DIAL St. Maarten Exit Code: 011 + Country Code + Area Code + number

Countries Calling Number Example
Aruba 011-297 + number
Bonaire 011-599-7 + number
Colombia 011-57 + area code + number
Curacao 011-599-9 + number
France 011-33 + area code + number
Guyana 011-592 + number
Haiti 011-509 + number
Saba 011-599-416 + number
St. Eustatius 011-599-318 + number
St. Martin (France), fixed line 011-590-590 + number
St. Martin (France), mobile 011-590-690 + number
Suriname 011-597 + number
The Netherlands 011-31 + area code + number
Venezuela 011-58 + area code + number


By entering the NANP, St. Maarten acquired the same dialing scheme as the rest of the region.

Ease of dialing for main visitor base (USA, Canada, and Caribbean). They will be using the same dialing scheme.

Ease of dialing for local businesses and residents. Most of the top calling destinations are within the NANP.

Less call attempts and more completed calls from and to country St. Maarten which will have a positive effect on the economy.

Increase of calls from North America; St. Maarten will no longer be considered as an international call but as a long distance call which will allow more people to make calls to St. Maarten.

Easy access to 1-800 numbers and the possibility for business to apply for US 1-800 numbers.

Integrates the Island of Sint Maarten economy more closely into the North American and the Caribbean economies.