Interim Director of BTP attends postal forum in Washington.

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About Us

Bureau Telecommunications and Post St. Maarten (BTP) is the independent regulatory authority for the Telecommunications and Post industry in St. Maarten.

Who are we?
What we do
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Who are we?

BTP regulates telecommunications and post industries to maintain a competitive environment in St. Maarten. We consult with industry participants and stakeholders, focusing on attaining quality and affordable services for all.
BTP commenced its task on October 10th 2010 as the independent regulatory authority of new country St. Maarten.
BTP strives to attain a balanced environment in which consumer interests are protected. We create and maintain the foundation to support the introduction of new technologies and services which will promote socio-economic development and overall growth of the nation.


BTP regulates and guide the telecommunications, post and utilities infrastructures and their developments. We maintain proper grounds and standards to stimulate and facilitate the continued introduction of new technologies and services on short and long term.

Having such an infrastructure will not solely serve to enhance the quality of life on St. Maarten but shall also enhance the overall business viability within the industry even in a small economy of scale.
The Geographic location of St. Maarten and the demographics of St. Maarten present the potential for St. Maarten to position and establish itself as a leading Telecommunications Hub in the region. Such an achievement would enable service offering exceeding national borders. This vision is being executed in line with the direction stipulated by the Government of the Island Territory of St. Maarten, formulated in its 2008 Telecommunications policy:

"A competitive and NGN supportive environment which shall attract investments for further growth; Universal Access to all, establishment and promotion of E-Commerce, Health, and Education, research, training and Development in ICTs. The establishment of St. Maarten as regional telecommunications hub, serving as the connecting link between the Caribbean and the United States of America."
The vast telecommunications developments over the years on St. Maarten are indicative of our potential and capabilities, to serve a much larger market than our own. This Telecommunications Policy, which is the first Telecommunications Policy for the Country St. Maarten, serves as the basis for a competitive, consumer and provider friendly telecommunications environment. Enhancing the quality of life through telecommunications is the ultimate goal.

What we do


Development of policies for the telecommunication and post industry.

Implementation and execution of task as established by the Minister of telecommunication.

Preparation of the rules and regulation and laws for telecommunication and post for country St. Maarten.

Execution of responsibilities and task according to the "landsverordening" telecommunication and post.

Where necessary on instruction of the Council of Ministers, represent and defending the interest of country St. Maarten related to telecommunication and post; national, regionally and internationally.

General advice to the minister and members of parliament.

General advice and execution of responsibilities and task for government services and third parties related to the minister and members of parliament.

Execution of other activities as instructed by the Minister of telecommunication.

Execution of other activities in accordance with the “landsverordening”.

In the area of Telecommunications:

Issuing licenses for radio frequencies and telecommunication equipment and infrastructure.
Managing of radio frequencies.

Issuance of numbers and managing the number plan for St. Maarten.

Issuance of approvals for test standards.

Inspections and examination of telecommunication equipment and infra structure.

Issuance of compliance certificates.

Issuance of certificates and letters of authorization for telecommunication educational programs.

Set guidelines to prevent and resolve network quality issues and complaints.

Issuance of warnings, fines and attachments/ liens on equipment in case of non-compliance or violation with telecommunication require and regulations.

Revoking of licenses.

Issuance of certification and letters of authorization for specific maritime radio communication.

Administration, issuance of invoices and collection of payments related to the telecommunication sector; including legal collection measures.

In the area of Post:

Issuance of licenses and permits according to article 13.1 "Postlandsverondering" 1998.

Administration, issuance of invoices and collection of payments related to the Post sector; including legal collection measures.