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Information on Sint Maarten service providers & free assistance to help you resolve your customer complaints.

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Complaint FAQ

What can I complain to the Bureau Telecommunications and Post about?
Bureau Telecommunication and Post can investigate complaints about actions and decisions of St.Maarten Telecommunication and Post companies, to see if the actions are wrong, unjust, unlawful, discriminatory or just plain unfair.
When can I make a complaint?
First you have to file your complain at your service provider. They are the first responsible to handle your complain and try to resolve issues. However, if the final outcome is unsatisfactory you may file your complaint at Bureau Telecommunications and Post.
Who can complain to Bureau Telecommunications and Post?
Every resident or Business in St. Maarten that is experiencing problems with telecommunication or post services providers can make a complaint.
What does it cost?
The BTP services with regards to handling complaints are free of charge.
Can I make an anonymous complaint?
Yes. The Bureau Telecommunication and Post accepts anonymous or 'whistleblower' complaints. However, we will not normally investigate unless the complaint raises a serious matter, if it’s supported by other complaint and if there is sufficient information in the complaint to enable us to conduct an investigation.
How do I make a complaint?
By filling in the online complaint form or by sending an official complaint letter to BTP.
What information is required for the processing of my complaint?
- First name and Last Name
- Full address
- Phone numbers
- Email Address
- Name of the Service provider
- Type of Service
- Your account number
- Reference number of your complaint
What should I include in my complaint?
Keep it simple and stick to the facts. Be as specific as possible about dates, names and other important details. There should be enough information for the Bureau of Telecommunications and Post to understand the circumstances of your complaint and decide how to deal with it. When writing your complaint, think about:
- What happened?
- When (time and date)
- Have you taken any action already in relation to your complaint?
- What actions were taken by the service provider after you make the complaint?
- What action or outcome would you like to see as a result of your complaint?
How long will the handling of the complaint take?
Most complaints can be dealt with quickly. Others may take months to investigate properly. In any event, we will try to deal with your complaint as quickly as possible, and to keep you informed of progress.
What happens to my complaint?
We will give your complaint careful consideration. In most cases we will telephone or email the agency or person involved and asks for an explanation. Most complaints are resolved at this stage. If the complaint raises serious or complex issues, or if we are not satisfied by the agency's initial response, we may undertake further investigation. If there are reasons why we cannot take up your complaint, we will explain them to you.
What can I expect from Bureau Telecommunication and Post?
Professional and courteous attention and an independent, impartial assessment of your complaint, and advice about the options available. We will undertake confidential, free and prompt investigations if appropriate, using procedures that are fair to everyone concerned. We will provide clear explanations about what we can and cannot do and for any decision we make. We will keep you informed of the progress of your complaint.
How am I kept informed?
All complaints filed and handled will be categorized and posted on our website. Furthermore you will receive an update though the contact information that’s provided.

File a Complaint


When experiencing difficulties with telecom or postal services, your first action is to raise your complaint at your service provider.

Your service provider will have to give you a ticket number, investigate your complaint and try to resolve it within a reasonable period of time (2 to 4 weeks).

Your service provider then need to communicate the final result to you.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may refer your complain to us.

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BTP cannot provide assistance if you haven't filed a complaint with your service provider. However, you can still alert us of the situation.
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