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Clean audit report for BTP

Published on: Nov 03, 2021
On November 1st, 2021, Bureau Telecommunications and Post Sint Maarten received a clean audit report [in auditors’ terms: an unqualified audit report] for the fiscal year 2018.
The audit was performed by financial experts of “Stichting Overheids Accountant Bureau” (SOAB) and their report indicates that, to their judgement, financial statements of BTP are transparent, fairly, and appropriately presented, without any identified exceptions, and in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles. This unqualified opinion is given after thorough research considering all accompanying financial documents of BTP.

The deputy director of BTP, Mrs. Judianne Labega-Hoeve is delighted with the clean audit report. “Over the past years, BTP was plagued with negative publicity regarding financial matters including delayed financial statements, and it’s now time to put this to rest. With a team of internal and external financial experts, and in close collaboration with the Ministry of TEATT, we’ve work around the clock to ensure that the BTP books are in order, and the process to obtain financial statements for the remaining years will be accelerated. BTP wants to be an example of good governance by embracing the guiding principles of accounting, and to ensure that all the funds that are collected by our organization will be spend wisely, in accordance to law, and in the most transparent manner”.

Mrs. Judianne Labega-Hoeve assumed her responsibilities as deputy director of BTP in September 2021 and is committed to further strengthen the internal organization and will continue to build on the foundation and regulatory framework laid by her predecessor.