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BTP hosts successful info session for the EOC

Published on: Jul 18, 2023
Bureau Telecommunications St. Maarten (BTP) organized a highly successful information session last week on High Frequency (HF) radio as a robust backup communication option. The event, held at the Sint Maarten Fire Station, was attended by the EOC, telecom operators, and esteemed guests, including the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten, the Honorable Silveria Jacobs.
The session featured informative lectures by Dr. Ing. Witvliet from the University of Twente, who shared expert insights into the capabilities and applications of HF radio technology. Attendees were captivated as Dr. Witvliet demonstrated the remarkable potential of HF radio by establishing live communications with other parts of the world by using HF radio equipment.

The purpose of the info session was to raise awareness among emergency response organizations and telecom operators about the reliability and effectiveness of HF radio as a fallback option in critical situations. HF radio is known for its ability to establish long-range communications over vast distances, making it an ideal choice during emergencies when traditional communication infrastructure may be compromised or unavailable.

The presence of the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten at the event underscored the significance of the topic. She expressed great admiration for the presentation and live demonstrations, acknowledging the crucial role HF radio can play in ensuring uninterrupted communication during times of crisis.

BTP represents ESF 2 within the EOC and remains committed to promoting resilient and robust communication systems for our nation," said Interim Director of BTP, Mrs. Judianne Labega-Hoeve. "We are delighted with the overwhelming response to this info session and the positive reception to Dr. Witvliet's expertise. The event has reinforced our belief in the importance of exploring alternative communication solutions like HF radio."

The info session was a significant step towards enhancing the emergency preparedness of Sint Maarten. Close collaboration between EOC and the Telcom sector is needed to ensure the seamless flow of critical information during times of crisis.