BTP receives clean Audit Report for FY 2023

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Assistance requested from license holders in COVID-19

Published on: Mar 23, 2020
Upon request of the Chair of the EOC, the Director of BTP requested immediate assistance from Radio- & TV stations in the dissemination of important COVID-19 messages as formulated by the EOC.
In order to limit the effects to Sint Maarten, the Prime Minister, in the capacity as Chair of the EOC, launched a multi-media COVID-19 campaign, to duly inform the general public of the effects of Cornavirus, the measures taken by Government in order to mitigate, and to provide important instructions that our residents should follow to stop the spread.

As full cooperation within the Telecom Sector is imperative, to reach as much as possible persons that are residing on the island, the director reminded the license holders of their responsibility to make airtime available for the Sint Maarten Government in emergency situations.