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Minister Claret Connor (third from right) with his cabinet and Management BTP

Minister Connor meets with Telecom regulator

Published on: Mar 05, 2015
On February 21st 2015, Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport & Telecommunications Mr. Claret Connor, together with supporting staff of his cabinet, met with Management of the Telecom Regulator of country St. Maarten (BTP-SXM) to get a better understanding of telecommunications regulations, recent developments in the industry and for the establishment of a constructive working relationship.
Part of the program was a presentation giving by Ryan Wijngaarde, PR-/ Marketing Manager of BTP-SXM, whereby the regulatory task, main responsibilities and future projects of BTP-SXM were further explained. The presentation was followed by an in-depth session about Quality of Service standards in the Telecom Industry. COO Giovanni King explained the importance of having such service standards in place to ensure consumers will receive the best possible telecom services in the nearby future.

After the presentations of the regulator, Minister Conner outlined the importance of a close collaboration between ministry and regulatory authority to tackle telecom related issues effectively. The minister stated: “it’s of great importance that all stakeholders in the industry will come together, think together and work together to further enhance Telecommunications in St. Maarten”. The minister further indicated that he will take the first initiative to bring all stakeholders together to discuss strategies for broadband development of the island.

Director of BTP-SXM Mr. Carty indicated that he shares the vision of the minister and is determined to take a leading role in this process. “We have a common goal and BTP-SXM will continue to develop and update policies, implement service standards and provide guidance to the industry and ministry to further improve telecommunication services on St. Maarten”.