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Important Info Bulletin: St. Maartens New Dialing Code

Published on: Nov 07, 2011
The Bureau Telecommunications and Post St. Maarten has provided additional and updated information concerning the implementation of the 721 NPA.
Introduction of the 721 NPA will begin with a period of permissive dialing. During the permissive dialing period, the use of either the current country code of 599 or the new 721 NPA will be acceptable for a dialed number terminating in St. Maarten. After the permissive dialing period ends, all calls dialed with the incorrect country code will be routed to intercept and a recorded message instructing callers to dial the correct country code (1) and area code (721). Country code 599 will continue to be used in remaining territory of the former Netherlands Antilles, namely Curacao, Sint Eustatius, Saba, and Bonaire.

For more info, see attached document.