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Consumer Protection BTP SXM

Consumer Affairs BTP-SXM fully operational

Published on: Jul 09, 2012
Starting today the Consumer Affairs department of Bureau Telecommunications and Post St. Maarten (BTP-SXM) is fully operational and St. Maarten residents and businesses are now able to seek for advice or file a complaint about issue's or disputes they are experiencing with their telecommunications and post service providers.
BTP-SXM is committed to serve the public interest by protecting consumers and help them to get issues resolved and by tracking complaints, BTP-SXM will get a better insight in the quality of telecommunications and post services being offered in St. Maarten.

Issues brought forward by consumers will be investigated and addressed to the relevant companies with the overall goal to effectively improve the quality of telecommunications and post services.

BTP-SXM recognizes the importance of reliable communication services and infrastructure; it influence, support and facilitates the way we live, work and progress in life. It’s part of every aspect in today’s society. Therefore BTP-SXM safeguards the community in its dealings with local providers and will work together with all stakeholders to ensure that good and reliable communication services in St Maarten are accessible and affordable to the entire community.

All consumers facing consistent problems with their providers are encouraged to visit our website: and submit complaints online at our consumer desk.