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FLTR: Rajesh Chintaman, Anthony Carty, Ryan Wijngaarde, Rae Merlet

BTP-SXM Donates Laptops To Aids Foundation

Published on: Mar 06, 2015
On March 5th 2015, Bureau Telecommunications and Post St. Maarten has donated 3 new HP laptops, external speakers and laptop bags to the St. Maarten AIDS Foundation for its “Real Talk” and “Girl Power” program.
The AIDS Foundation needed the laptops to help facilitate their ongoing youth programs at secondary schools in St. Maarten, whereby specially trained volunteers conduct interactive workshops over three half-days, focusing on building a solid foundation of skills and knowledge, from which the youngsters can actively map their path to healthy and productive adulthood. The donated laptops and speakers will enable the volunteer facilitators to show videos, make use of internet and give presentations by making use of modern equipment and technology.

Head Coordinator of Real Talk, Rajesh Chintaman, was delighted with the generous donation of BTP-SXM and indicated that initiatives like this are vital for the AIDS Foundation to succeed in reaching their goal to encourage healthy life choices and to strengthen teenagers respect for self and others. “It is absolutely critical for us to reach the youth before misperceptions, myths and peer pressure take hold. Using technology allows us to connect to the youth more easily, by presenting information visually. We move from just lecturing to actually showing them various scenarios that they can relate to, and this makes life lessons more tangible”.

Mr. Anthony Carty, Director of BTP-SXM stated: “The AIDS Foundation is doing very important work within our community. They are reaching out to our teenagers, encouraging them to be responsible and teaching them to think before they act. Elements that are all crucial to maintain a healthy society and we are very happy that we were able to facilitate them in their positive, educative youth programs and bring across the clear message that ‘the price of greatness is responsibility’”.