Director, Mr. Anthony Carty
Director, Mr. Anthony Carty

Internet Forum concluded

Press Release - Bureau Telecommunications and Post

Philipsburg – on July 6th 2017, the last session of the 3rd annual Caribbean Peering Forum, under the theme “Expanding the Caribbean Internet” – took place.

No less than 6 international speakers of highly recognized telecom organizations shared knowledge on crucial telecom matters, such as internet development, telecom infrastructure, and the Internet Exchange.  Notable guest during the two day session was Mr. Rodrigo from most popular Social Network Company Facebook, Inc.


Very interesting, and heated debates took place, between speakers, moderator, panelist, Telem Mangement, UTS Mangement and BTP management.  While both providers and regulator have the same objectives: “provide high speed internet services on a state of the art fiber optics network to all residents”, the path to be followed to achieve the objectives differs between the stakeholders. Director of BTP, Mr. Anthony Carty stated that “in every decision that we take, it must be clear that the wishes of the consumer need to be respected, and are of the highest priority. In creating a Smart Nation, reliable & affordable telecom services - on a top quality network - are must”.      


The discussion were very healthy, well received, and the audience clearly expressed their appreciation for the active involvement of the higher Management of all Major Stakeholders involved.


 Mr. Albert Daniel, Senior Manager at the ICANN outlined the importance of security standards on the internet domains (DNS-SEC), and the adoption and utilization of the .SX domain for St. Maarten.


Mr. Wijngaarde, Manager General Affairs at BTP, expressed his gratitude towards the CarPIF organization, attendees, international speakers, and corporate sponsors; namely UTS, TELEM, and WTN TV & TV Carib. In closing he stated: “BTP is very passionate in further developing the internet, and in-depth session with all stakeholders are imperative to make things better. Showing up to these sessions clearly indicates that you want to be part of the solution, and making things better for the island”.  

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